Romania – Italia


Miercuri seara a avut loc la bazinul olimpic din Oradea un super meci!Romania – Italia care conteaza pt cupa mondiala.Spre surpriza tuturor Romania a batut Italia cu 12-10 😀
O atmosfera splendida,jucatori in forma si muuulte goluri! 🙂

Aici este o filmare cu spectatorii…apar si eu pe acolo…xD destul de des xD
Si un quote a articolului scris pe site-ul oficial FINA

World League: Italy takes hard loss against Romania at home in Oradea (ROU)
Romania 12 – Italy 10
(3-2, 4-3, 4-2, 1-3)

A Group 2 (composed of Montenegro, Italy and Romania) World League preliminary match held last evening in Oradea (ROU) resulted in a 12-10 victory for the home team of Romania, while Italy suffered a somewhat surprising loss. This win for Romania is a pleasant one and represents a marked improvement for the team, as the last time these two sides met (on January 21, 2009), Italy won by a whopping 10-2. Now, both teams are once again potential qualifiers for the Super Final in June. Thousands of jubilant spectators were on hand at the Olympic pool in Oradea (ROU) to cheer the triumphant home team.

The game was a true struggle from the opening quarter, with hard, physical play. M. Felugo (ITA) netted the first goal, but overall the Italian team started badly and would only be able to regroup in the final period, when it was already too late. In the central quarters, time seemed to be working against Italy, and they had difficulties in both their defensive and offensive strategies. Changes from the bench in the third period produced some reaction from Italy, although Romania’s Georgescu scored the first point of the quarter to make it 8-5 before Iosep (ROU) made it 9-5 three minutes later.

In the final period, a recuperated-looking Italian team scored three consecutive goals, but couldn’t manage to even the score in time to change the odds of the game. It was Georgescu again who put in the deciding point and the game concluded at 12-10. Upon reflection, the Italian coach Alessandro Campagna said, “It’s better to lose now. This allows us to go ahead with clear head on our shoulders and continue to work.”

Top scorers in the game were Iosep Andrei (ROU), who generated four goals, and V. Gallo (ITA), who netted three.

Romania: M. Dragusin, C. Radu (2), T. Negrean, N. Diaconu, A. Iosep (4), A. Busila (1), G. Dunca (1), A. Matei, E. Andrei (1), R. Georgescu (2), A. Ghiban, K. Kadar (1), D. Stoenescu. Coach: I. Kovacs

Italy: S. Tempesti, N. Figari, M. Giacoppo, F. Mistrangelo, V. Gallo (3), M. Felugo (2), A. Mangiante, V. Rizzo (1), M. La Penna (1), M. Aicardi (1), A. Giorgetti (1), G. Fiorentini (1), T. Negri.
Coach: A. Campagna

In the other matches of Round 4, Germany lost 6-8 to Spain at Duisburg (GER) on March 31, and Russia lost to Croatia 12-15 in Moscow on April 14. The remaining games in the fourth round will take place on April 29 (FRA vs. SRB) in Aix-en-Provence.

Preliminary play continues in Europe until mid-May. Four teams from Europe will advance to the Super Final, which will be held in Podgorica (MNE) from June 16-21. The host team of Montenegro automatically advances.


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