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Google si traducerile!


Cum ati traduce voi ” The one who secures the people will acquire the world and rule the ages!” ?
Uite cum traduce Google ->

Pentru a vedea imaginea mai mare, dati clic pe ea.


Little Man, the way girls are!


E un filmulet pe care o prietena il avea la status.M-am uitat din curiozitate.E un filmulet adevarat, dupa parerea mea 🙄 … Habar n-am din ce an e, dar e haios. 🙂
Here it is =>

What Kind of Vampire Are You?


Un quiz interesant :->
Ce mi-a iesit mie 😀
Pt test clic here
You’re a blood-sucking vampire.

You’re so evil, so dangerous… and so sexy. Your mesmerizing gaze and flattering whispers will hypnotize almost anyone into making out with you, and from there, you’re only a few inches away from sticking your sharp fangs into their neck. (If reading this is making you hungry, you definitely got the right result.) Some vampires are tortured souls, but you love being a vamp – instead of trying to control your impulses, you give in to temptation. After years of experience in the vampire world, you may have a bad reputation, but your personality is so alluring, you’ll always have willing victims. So… who’s next in line?

Un nou cuvant…


Ati auzit ca s-a format un nou cuvant in ilustra noastra limba romana?
Academiciana(sau academician? ) Naomi a fosrmat cuvantul „ahotic” 🙂
deci va rog sa-l folositi de azi inainte 😀